Local Players Go National and International!

Over the next few weeks Spawn Club members (past and present) will be attending the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) in Italy and the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) in Waterloo, Ontario.

August 2-9 at WUCC
Virginia (Stache), Heather (Artemis), and both Darren and Mike (Phoenix)!
Virginia Dickison Heather Hickey Darren Clark  Mike Lee

August 11-17  at CUC
Spawn (Mixed/@LiveBreedDie) and Borderline (Masters/@BorderlineUlty)!
Spawn 2013 Borderline


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High 5 for $50 5on5!

funny-ryan-seacrest-high-five-blind-guy-picsItching to play Ultimate this Summer? You can STILL  join our Wednesday 5on5 league and it’s only $50!

This special pricing cannot be combined with other offers and does not include a jersey or a disc. Credits can definitely be used though!

As usual an Active Fredericton Annual Membership is required and you can expect the following:

  • TWO GAMES -every Wednesday night plus playoffs in August
  • SKILLS CLINICS – we are scheduling a few nights of special skills training
  • MORE TOUCHES (the good kind!) - 5on5 is a smaller format that has more action and involvement than 7on7 offers. Skills develop quicker here!
  • VERY SOCIAL – everyone plays at the same location and socializes after!


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Muh Bridges!

on-timeBy now you probably have heard the #WestmorlandBridge tweets and shrieks from across Fredericton’s social media circles about how the Westmorland St. Bridge construction is the first sign of the apocalypse (to put it lightly).

How about we all take a deep breath and put a fun and healthy spin on this?

For instance this could be your chance to get a little more active and also explore parts of Fredericton you never knew existed!

Did you know that it takes under 10 minutes to bike from Barker’s Point Elementary to City Hall using our trail system?

Some quick tips and ideas:

  1. Carpool with co-workers to your office or a Park & Go location
  2. Start a bike gang! Rent or share a bike from Capital City Cycles, park it at Savage’s or another designated City Rack or load it onto a City bus to finish your commute!
  3. Embrace Active Transportation by traveling on Fredericton’s award winning Trail System. Not only will you be exercising, but you’ll be gaining appreciation for our beautiful City as well!
  4. Let the traffic pass while you stay downtown a little longer to enjoy some shopping, dining and free or close-to-free events.

It had to be done. So let’s breathe and move on!

Crumbling bridge

Helpful “Official” Links:

Other Local Links:

Just remember. It can always be worse!

It could be worse!

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BYO League

Do You Want To Build A SnowmanNow that Summer league is well underway it’s time to start thinking about our next few seasons…seriously.

We’re undertaking a “Build Your Own League” initiative over the next few weeks and we need your help and participation. It only takes a few minutes.

Phase 1: Let us have it! http://goo.gl/oan6I4

Phase 2: Final Build / Interest http://goo.gl/GeiXen 
* 1 lucky response will win a FREE Fall registration!

Phase 3: Open registration (coming soon)

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2014 Summer Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee

Below are some changes to reflect feedback we received last Summer.

Issue: Jerseys take too long to arrive. Players are not registering and paying early enough.
Solution: Early bird registrants get a TEAM jersey. Late registrants receive a GENERIC league jersey. *NEW* late fee policy for delayed payments.

Issue: Mother Nature is being a real capital “B” and shortening our season.
Solution: Booked extra weeknights in August, one or two Sunday afternoons and a possibly a 1-day tournament/event. This ensures the same number of games are being played. Dates to be announced shortly to help with early planning!

Issue: The various fees, taxes and discounts are confusing.
Solution: Taxes are now included in all prices and discounts are hopefully more enticing and a little clearer.

Dates To Remember:

  • April 28 – Voting for jersey design opens
  • April 30 – Early Bird Registration opens ($70)
  • May 15 - Late registration price takes effect ($80 & both leagues for $140)
  • May 30 - Registration closes
  • June 3 & 4 – First night for leagues?!?

Free League Clinics Lead By Experienced Locals!
* Learn the basics if your new or advance your skills if you’re returning.
* Bring water, discs, both black and a white shirt, non-marking shoes for gyms and cleats for turf.


How To Save Your Dolla Bills!

  • Captain a team and receive 1/2 off (contact us)
  • 2-4-1 registrations for your children/siblings aged 16-19 (contact us)
  • Only $125 when you register for BOTH leagues (contact us)
  • Register BEFORE May 15 to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing (and bonuses).
  • Win a $50 Active Fredericton credit by sharing this FACEBOOK EVENT.

Now choose your own ULTIMATE adventure:

Just in case you want something MORE than your free league jerseys…


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All Things Frisbee

throw all the the thingsWhat?! There’s more to Ultimate and Frisbees in Fredericton than just our REC leagues??

  1. Spawn – 15+ year old mixed/co-ed club with a WIDE-open-door policy for beginners and new players. They’re shooting for 2014 Canadian Nationals, but are ALWAYS doing grassroots recruitment throughout the year. Catering to ALL levels of players.
  2. UNB Red ONO – similar to Spawn, but focusing on men and women interested in the University level game. ONO starts up in the Fall and runs throughout the Winter months.
  3. Ultimate NB – coach training, juniors and overseeing the regional 4 on 4 indoor series.
  4. Fredericton Disc Golf – a club based out of the O’Dell Park course. Now offering tournaments, leagues and introductory clinics. SERIOUSLY check this sport out!

Links you should check out:

Other Ultimate-Related Resources:

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2013-14 Winter Wrap-Up

Thank you for helping to make this such an amazing indoor season! Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to a bigger and better 2014-15!

Active Fredericton's 2014 Intermediate Men's Basketball Champions

2014 Intermediate Men’s Basketball Champions

Intermediate Men’s Basketball

  1. UNB Alumni
  2. Team Gillis
  3. Heisenbergs
  4. Blue Spurs
  5. Snooty Fox
  6. Lakers
  7. Mama’s Boys
  8. Gagetown
  9. Team Swagger


Active Fredericton's 2014 Winter REC Ultimate Champions

2014 Winter REC Ultimate Champions

Winter REC Ultimate (MVPs)

  1. Frisbonacci (Rebecca Pinsent)
  2. Chicago Pulls (Kat Fraser)
  3. Totally Wicked At Throwing (Jason Robin)
  4. Slap Disc! (Stephane Fornier)
  5. Ridisculous (Jason Elliot)
  6. Limp Dizcit (Jeff Renaud)


Winter REC Basketball (MVPs)

  1. Basketball Jones (Chris Morrison)
  2. Pistol Petes (Kathleen McCaan)
  3. Team Uselanne (Calin Fraser)
  4. The Redshirts (Geoff Davidson)
  5. Zoomers (Ryan Grice)
  6. Cellar Rats (Brennan McConaghy)

Join us this Thursday night (April 24) for the Winter league awards (yes, more are given out) and social! Winter and Summer players are invited.

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More Ways To Save in 2013

SavingsWe know what time of year it is and we’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to play MORE rec sports, but need a little help.

So, we’ve come up with a few solutions and incentives for you to register in our 2013 Winter REC leagues:

  • 10% student discount off all rec league registrations,
  • 15% off of your 2nd rec league, 20% off your 3rd and 25% off your 4th,
  • 50% OFF simply by organizing a full REC team!
  • 2-4-1 rec league registrations for your 16-19 year old children or siblings when you both play in a league together (ie: mother & son play court ultimate, brother and sister play basketball)

To take advantage of any or ALL of these items be sure to CONTACT US to get your customized coupon code.

Feel free to double up on these deals too!

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Winter is coming…

We have Winter bookings and we’rActive Fredericton Dodgeballe looking for YOU to come join us! You’ll notice some changes to our leagues due to some booking challenges. We REALLY appreciate your understanding. You can ALWAYS contact us with any questions you have.

~ Discounted Fees Available ~

November 19 (TONIGHT) - FREE Fall Wrap-Up & Winter Kick-Off Party!!!

Monday Dodgeball - mixed/co-ed and SUPER FUN! New night. More space! 6 teams!

Tuesday Ultimate (Dome) - Sub-on-the-fly. Turf. New night, but just as fun as ever!

Wednesday Ultimate (Court) - Speed Point. 4 teams. Great for newcomers!

Thursday Basketball - Rec level. Open to men & women. Slightly changed from last year.

WIN YOUR LEAGUE FEE! - Help SHARE our Winter news with This Facebook Image and you could win your league fee!

Captains: Register a FULL roster starting Nov. 21st and get 1/2 off your fee!
Individual Players/Small Groups: Register on Friday, Nov. 22nd to secure a spot.

Other REC Events To Watch For:

Active Fredericton is a FULL SUPPORTER of the Capital Exhibit Centre Fieldhouse Expansion. Are you?

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Condor’s Rule Over The WEAK: Stall Counts

Condor's Rule Over The WEAK!

Stall Count After An Infraction
After a call or infraction it is important to know what count the play resumes at. It is the responsibility of the thrower and the marker to agree on what the count is before play restarts.

The following is a summary of where the count goes in the majority of situations that will be encountered.

  1. Uncontested defensive foul: count starts at 1
  2. Uncontested offensive foul: count starts at the count reached plus 1, or 9 if the count is over 8
  3. Contested foul: count starts at the count reached plus 1, or 6 if the count is over 5
  4. Offsetting fouls: count starts at the count reached plus 1, or 6 if the count is over 5
  5. Unresolved calls: count starts at the count reached plus 1, or 6 if the count is over 5
  6. Pick: count starts at the count reached plus 1, or 6 if the count is over 5
  7. Contested Stall (Ten count): First contested stall, count starts at 8. Subsequent contested stalls, count starts at 6.

When restarting play the marker should start the count by saying “STALLING” and the number as defined above.

Other Resources:

  1. For information on HOW to handle call.
  2. For information on this and other rules:
  3. Full series of “Condor’s Rules Over The WEAK
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