Member Spotlight: Susan Holt

Ladies and gentlemen, one of Fredericton’s greatest ambassador’s…Susan Holt! If you think she runs a lot on the field just wait until you hear what she does off of it too!

AF: Susan, outside of our leagues what else do you do (work/community…etc)?

SH: Outside of league, I work for the NB Business Council, am mom to 4 month old Molly, wife to Jon, and love to run, volunteer with JA and the Cybersocial group, kick Jon’s butt at scrabble, give blood, and to buy local at the market and Downtown Fredericton. I like to think of myself as one of Freddy’s biggest boosters…

AF: What is a day in the life of Susan like?

SH: Wow, tough. Molly wakes me up around 6am. The InfoAM team provides a soundtrack to breakfast. I usually walk to my downtown office and have some combination of meetings with government departments, partner organizations, council members and entrepreneurs throughout the day. Coffee at the Cedar Tree Cafe is a regular occurrence. After bath and bedtime, Jon and I make dinner, catch up, read in the backyard and surf/tweet/facebook!

AF: How long have you been playing in our leagues?

SH: I joined the league when I returned to Fredericton, so summer of 2008 was my first year, and this will be my 5th year playing.

AF: What is your fondest memory from ultimate over the years?

SH: My most fond memory? A toss up between our tipsy finals game at FHS 3 years ago, and Panic’s fantastic run from bottom of tier three to top of tier two for the golden disc last year! (see picture)

AF: Can you sum up your league experience in one word?

SH: Hard for a word-geek like me. Animated?

Thank-you Susan for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to chat with us. We look forward to seeing what’s next for you, your family and the entire Wide Spread Panic crew this year!

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