Member Spotlight: Matt McGuire

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Degeneration-X proudly brings to you…Matt…Mc…Guire!

Over the years few players have shown as much love, dedication and enthusiasm for Fredericton’s recreational Ultimate scene as Matt. McGuire (or Gizzle as he’s known to many) can be seen rocking his yellow Hawaii’an every week on the IRP.

AF: How long have you been playing in our leagues, Gizzle?

McG: I’ve been playing league for a while now, it kinda crept up on me…might be seven or eight years now. I’ve been playing for the IRP – RESPECT! (I wouldn’t have that any other way either) I love league -everyone is having a great time, whether you’re on the field, on the sidelines, or headed to the social afterwards!

AF: Outside of our leagues what else do you do (work/community…etc)?

MM: I enjoy keeping busy with things I love to do: I teach, I make soap, I make music – those are the big things. But I also love to camp, travel, and hang with my buddies. A typical day for me involves putting the car into 5th gear and not slowing down until the wee hours of morning – wouldn’t have it any other way.

AF: Speaking of teaching. Tell us about the award you received. We heard it’s highly unusual for such a young teacher to receive it.

MM: The award I won is the Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award which “recognizes and honours dynamic educators who display outstanding skills in supporting the needs of diverse learners at the provincial level.” I was really quite taken back by even being nominated for this award. I was absolutely thrilled to stand amongst other incredible educators who have been tirelessly dedicating their whole careers to making a difference in their students’ lives, and me only being in my forth year of teaching. New Brunswick has some of the best teachers in the world and I’m very honoured to be considered one of them. The whole experience was certainly a lifetime achievement for me; one that I will always hold dear to my heart.

AF: That’s awesome, Matt! So back to the league. You’ve signed on as a sponsor with your home-based soap company once again. Why’s that?

I’m sponsoring league again this year because it’s a lot of fun and Solstice Soap Co. fits well with the sport. Solstice is an all-natural hefty bar of soap for people looking for something quality but without all the chemicals. Active Fredericton Card holders get $1 off every bar!

AF: What is your fondest memory from Fredericton’s ultimate leagues?

MM: My fondest memory of league is too close to pinpoint but I’d say it’s between winning four championships with the IRP and seeing WaScotty and Scotty play in a flawless matchup on the field ventolin online canada.

AF: Can you sum up your league experience in one word?


We’d like to thank Matt for his time and support.

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