Member Spotlight: Lucie Lavoie

Lucie has been a driving force behind the recreational and competitive ultimate scene in Fredericton for a number of years now. She’s known to many people as “Lavoie” and loved by all of them.Ремонт бетонного пола

AF: Lucie, outside of playing in our leagues what else do you do around town (work/community…etc)?

Lucie: I’ve been a wildlife biologist for seven years with the government and am now currently in a manager’s position. Outside of work, I have been involved as a volunteer with the Relay For Life event for the last 4 years as a co-chair last year and again for the 2013 edition. I am also on the core volunteer committee of the best musical event on the East Coast, Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival! I’ve been a member of the SPAWN ultimate club for numerous years. So outside of league, I am still playing the best sport around which allowed me to travel all around the world!

Although this year I have been taking a bit of a break as I just purchased my first home! I am quite occupied with my new playground. I recently earned my Fitness NB certification and I am teaching fitness classes in our workplace gym. I love it!

AF: At least you’re not too busy or anything! What’s a typical day in the life of Lavoie like?

Lucie: My days are full of rainbows, unicorns and butterflies…no I am not on drugs, I just love life and see the best of it. I am living my dream. Yeah well for some people a dream is having a big boat, big car and tons of money. I have none of that, but I have all that I need. I have a great job, loving family, an amazing partner that puts on smile on my face everyday. The most adorable dog and most of all awesome friends, which most are Ultimate Frisbee friends!

AF: That’s really awesome. You were running the show for quite a while in Fredericton, but how long have you been playing in the local leagues exactly?

Lucie: I started playing back in 2002 and moved to Freddy in 2004 so I’ve been playing league for over 10 years. I realize that really quick when 20 years old are easily beating me on the field. Good thing that handlers are still in demand.

AF: What’s your most fond memory from league over the years?

Lucie: Before Active Fredericton I was running Fredericton Ultimate’s leagues for a number of years and I got to meet tons of people. The only reason why I gave it up is that I knew I was leaving it in the right hands!

AF: Can you sum up your league experience in one word?

Lucie: “ooohhhhyeaahhhh”

Next time you see this lovely lady around town give her a big thanks for all she’s done over the years here. Fredericton, the ultimate scene and her workplace would not be as great as they are if it wasn’t for her. Thanks Lucie!

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