Thursday Ultimate Draft & Draught

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Want to feel like a superstar and see your name in lights? Don’t really care about that, but simply want to play 5-on-5 Ultimate on Thursdays? You’ve ALL come to the right place!

What: A fun night of making teams for the Thursday 5-on-5 League.
When: Thursday, June 6th (7:30PM)
Where:  Mexicali Rosa’s Restaurant
Why: It’s fun. It’s different. It’s (relatively) fair and balanced. It gets you a free drink.
How: Register for Thursday League and RSVP via Facebook

Do you intend on playing in both the 7-on-7 Tuesday and the 5-on-5 Thursday leagues? EMAIL US for your special discount code that makes both nights ONLY $100!

How will the night work?
– captains have been pre-selected and will roshambo to determine the order of selecting,
– each will take turns selecting their picks from a list of players with detailed player stats,
– as a captain makes the pick, they will approach the commissioner who will announce “Team So-And-So selects Jane Doe
– the Facebook Event will be updated with each draft pick (live for the world to see) as well as an in-house projection screen showing rosters as they are made.
* Once finished, captains will then be able to trade players on their own.

Don’t miss out. Thursday 5-on-5 League registration closes on MONDAY, JUNE 3rd!

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