Field and Gym Rules

Fredericton Exhibition (Raceway) Rules:
These should all make sense when you consider the large animals running the tracks.

  • absolutely NO DOGS at these fields,
  • ONLY use the gate that runs between the exhibition centre and the horse stalls. Do not use the vehicle gate by Winner’s or hop any other fence around the raceway.
  • close the gate EVERY time you pass through it,
  • Horses have the right of way. Look both ways before you cross the track and yield to horse/vehicle traffic.

General Outdoor Field Rules:

  • Dogs must be leashed at ALL TIMES. No games of fetch after your games. Please respect the players and neighbors who have contacted us about this and exercise and socialize your pets on your own time.

General Turf/Dome Rules:

  • no food permitted on any turf surface,
  • no dogs permitted on the turf,

General Gymnasium Rules:

  • proper indoor footwear must be worm (non marking soles only) at all times,
  • food and drink must be kept off the gym floors,
  • Nashwaaksis Fieldhouse Memberships Are Requred For That Facility!