Tuesday Rain Plan

August 23rd is the final night of Tuesday Summer League. Our regular schedule has been posted here.

Should it rain we will ONLY be playing the Tier finals at Reading Park on the 23rd. Prepare to get wet and bring a change of clothes to get in to for the social afterwards.

6:15 @ Field 1 – Fire In The Disc-O vs Disc In A Box (Tier 3 Final)
6:15 @ Field 2 – Thor’s Hammer vs Widespread Panic (Tier 2 Final)
7:30 @ Field 2 – Bleu Nuit vs Fan-Flickin-Tastic (Tier 1 Final)

All other games will be recorded as a tie unless the captains agree to determine their results in some other way…’nuff said.

All Tuesday and Wednesday players are encouraged to be at the Wilser’s Room for the 9pm Social and Awards!

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