Member Spotlight: Election Candidates

In Active Fredericton’s first “Member Spotlight” we’re focusing on some candidates in the May 14th Municipal, District Education Council and Regional Health Authority Elections who just so happen to play Ultimate with us.

If you have someone that’s a member of Active Fredericton who you think we should feature please send them our way!

For this spotlight, we asked each candidate to tell us when they started playing Ultimate and share their views on Active Living in Fredericton.

REMEMBER: Get out and exercise your democratic right to vote on May 14th!

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Name: Vanessa Paesani
Running for: District Education Council, Anglophone West
Started playing: 2007

“Ultimate has been a great way for me to meet people and connect in the community. I first joined Summer league in 2007, and have played most Summers since then. After a fun season this past Summer, I decided to join the Fall, and later, the Winter leagues run by Active Fredericton and have seen my skills really improve. This Spring I played in my first weekend Ultimate tournament – which was great  – and hope to play in more soon!

It’s important to me to involve myself in my community. In the upcoming municipal election, I am running for a seat on the District Education Council for what will now be called the Anglophone West district. It is an exciting time for education in our province, as many things are changing. I believe that personalization of the school experience is critical for youth, and developing and maintaining an active lifestyle is a major part of that.  I’d love to chat with you about the future of education in our province.”

Name: Julia Ramirez
Running for: Health Region B6
Started playing: 2005

“I am currently running for the Regional Health Authority, a board that decides how our health system works. Health is the most important part of our life, when we are sick there is no productivity, there is no quality of life and there is no happiness.

I am running because I was looking to get more involved in my community and use my skills in a greater capacity. I strongly believe that active people like us are the ones who keep the wheels of life running!

I know that my profesional experience, business knowledge and personal experiences with both our system and the ones of other places in the world would be very useful.”

Name: Leah Levac
Running for: Councillor, Ward 10 (Sunshine Gardens/West Plat)
Started playing: 2004

“When I moved to Fredericton in 2004, Ultimate gave me a community. I had never played before, but met some great folks who encouraged me to come out and join both the competitive club and rec. league to give it a shot. I’m still grateful for having had the chance to meet, and learn from, so many great folks.

Now I’m running for city council (in Ward 10), and my ultimate experience informs me why I think we need to build healthier neighbourhoods, and more engaged communities. We can increase access to affordable sport and rec. options for people of all ages, and make our transportation networks more bike, pedestrian, and bus friendly. We can also invite strong, existing networks, like Active Fredericton’s members, to get involved in community decisions because many heads make us smarter. We’re going forWARD 10.”

Name: Gaetan Savoie
Running for: Councillor, Ward 5 (Marysville)
Started playing: 1999

“I played Ultilmate for about 4 years and then I stopped because my work required me at the time to travel out of town. I returned on the scene last Summer with the Goonies. I play because it’s a fun sport and the team spirits is amazing. It is probably one of the better sports out there for getting fit. Get some fresh air, some sun for vitamin-D and lots of short sprints.

I believe it is important as an individual to achieve a work-life balance. I realized this as I grew older and recreational activities are very important.  I also believe Municipal politics are important because these are the politics that affects our day to day life. I want to have a say in that.”

Name: Greg Ericson
Running for: Councillor, Ward 8 (Skyline Acres)
Started Playing: 1982

“As I reflect back upon Ultimate in Fredericton over the last 20 years I can imagine several ways in which a better relationship with City Hall could have helped. The City’s maintenance and provision of fields (indoor and outdoor) for all sports, the City’s potential role as a partnering host for Tournaments in the Fredericton area, and the potential for physical and information technology infrastructure sharing to achieve greater uptake of healthy lifestyle choices for Frederictonians are just a few of the areas that should be investigated for future development. I am committed to working with the leaders of the Ultimate Frisbee community and the entire group of sport and recreation activity leaders in this city to continue to develop Fredericton as a place where wellness and activity are excellent lifestyle options for all. I believe this can best be accomplished through listening to all stakeholders, which means having an effective and ongoing community engagement strategy, and continuing to work cooperatively to achieve our collective vision of Fredericton as a healthy and active community. ”

We’d like to thanks the candidates for agreeing to this inaugural Member Spotlight and wish everyone the best in the upcoming election! Please remember to:

Monday, May 14th; le lundi 14 mai
10:00 am – 8:00 pm

**Bring your voter’s card or ID with picture and signature plus proof of residence (anything addressed to you at your current address – lease, phone bill, power bill, etc.)**

Find out where your polling station is here.

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