Member Spotlight: Meghan MacAfee

No intro required for this one! If you don’t yet know the real “Mayor of Fredericton” then don’t you feel silly right about now.почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Meghan MacAfee!

AF: Thanks for taking some time to chat with us today Meg. Let’s get right to it. Outside of our leagues what else do you do (work/community…etc)?

Meg: I work at Service New Brunswick as a Human Resources Advisor – trying to help people enjoy and feel connected to their work (I really like my job!). On non-frisbee nights I play rugby with the Fredericton Loyalists RFC and spent a lot of my free time outside work volunteering on the Board of Directors for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. The festival is one of my favourite things about living in Fredericton – we’re pretty spoiled to get to see such amazing local, Canadian and international acts here at home and I love helping to make that happen. Having just moved back from a year in Alberta this spring I can’t say enough about being home – and being a new resident of Devon!

AF: Agree 100%! Harvest rocks! So what’s a day in the life of Meghan Mac like?

Meg: This time of year it can be a bit busy, but always an adventure – I’ll have a lunchtime planning meeting for Harvest most days. After work it is off to rugby, frisbee or sometimes an evening meeting for Harvest. Dinner, Read, Bed, Repeat. Any chance for downtime is normally time spent cooking and hanging out with family and friends perhaps sampling some delicious local Picaroons products.

AF: How long have you been playing in the local leagues?

Meg: According to my calculations this is my 5th season. Feels like just yesterday when I first pulled on my Hell’s Satan’s jersey and asked “who is that cranky guy and why is he always yelling at me?” (It was Cowboy and I was probably goofing around). I’m having a blast playing with TWAT this year! It is wild how many random people I’ve met at league that have become great friends over the years – that social part is what keeps me coming back.

AF: Everyone loves the social side of our leagues that’s for sure. Assuming you can pick just one, what would you say is your most fond memory from league over the years?

Meg: I can’t think of one specific one, really. I loved our season as the Screeching Flamingos of Doom – the lawn ornaments and ridiculous cheers still amuse me. When I think of league I just think of the fun of hanging out, throwing the disc around and laughing hysterically most of the time.

AF: Can you sum up your league experience in one word?

Meg: hilarious

Well what can we say after that? She’s one of Fredericton’s crown jewels and we all owe a big thank you for all that you do to make Fredericton so special. Thanks again Meghan!

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