Spring League, Oromocto and Surf & Turf League

funny-spring-allergies-tissueSPRING ULTIMATE
We’re considering running a Spring Ultimate League for the first time ever! The league could potentially run from April 2 – June 4 OR April 22 – June 4 depending on interest and desired format.http://ragrani.ru

This could be very different from other leagues and is why WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to make it happen.

Ultimate is coming to Oromocto and Base Gagetown this year! Will existing league players participate? Will games be played with Fredericton teams? WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK

Seasonal sand courts MAY be built at the Exhibition Grounds on Smythe Street. We are considering moving our 5on5 Wednesday night league to the Raceway/Exhibition Grounds and having each team play a 5on5 sand and 5on5 grass game every week. It’s then a short walk to Winner’s for post-game beverages!

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