Condor’s Rule Over The WEAK: Travels

Condor's Rule Over The WEAK!

Welcome to the inaugural “Condor’s Rule Over the WEAK!” (aka: Rule of the week)

Unpack your luggage and put away the passports, because you’ve been traveling!

What is a Travel in Ultimate?

Upon catching a disc the player must come to a stop in as few steps as safely possible (if you are at a full sprint you do not need to plant you leg as soon as the disc is caught, that is just a good way to hurt yourself). Once stationary the thrower establishes a pivot foot.

The thrower is allowed a single pivot foot when throwing the disc. This pivot foot can not change once established and is required to stay in contact with ground at the same location as the pivot was originally established until the disc is released. Typically for right-handed people their left foot is the pivot foot and for left-handed people their right foot is the pivot foot.

A travel occurs if a player moves their pivot foot, this includes stepping, lifting or dragging the pivot foot during a fake or a throw. It is also a travel if a player speeds up or changes direction after catching a disc.

If a travel call occurs, all players reset to where they were at the time of the call, the disc is returned to the thrower. Players remain stationary until the disc is put back into play.

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