Condor’s Rule Over The WEAK: Stall Counts


When you are marking someone in ultimate, you count stalls to inform the thrower how much time they have to throw the disc.

Stalling basics:

  1. A thrower has 10 stall counts to throw the disc.
  2. A stall count is one second long (same idea as 1-mississippi, 2-mississippi, etc.)
  3. Stall counts must be said out loud. If you are counting in your head, it does not count. An extension of this is: if you forget to start counting the thrower will have 10 stall counts plus however long it takes you to remember to start counting before they have to throw the disc.
  4. You do not need to say “stalling” before every number, just the first one. This means you could say: “Stalling one, two, three….” as long as the numbers are one second apart.

If the mark is counting too quickly, the thrower may say “fast count“. The mark must reduce the count by one from the last count reached and continue from there. For example: “Stalling one, two, three, Fast Count, two, three….”

If the mark says the ‘T’ of the word “ten” before the thrower releases the disc, it is a turnover.

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