Condor’s Rule Over The WEAK: Fouls


Fouls – The Basics

Ultimate is a non-contact sport, however, incidental contact between players can and does happen. Incidental contact is defined as contact between opposing players that does not affect continued play.

When non-incidental contact a foul has occurred. In general, the player initiating the contact has committed the foul. Contact resulting from adjacent opposing players simultaneously vying for the same unoccupied position, is not in itself a foul.

The foul can ONLY be called by the fouled player. To call the foul the player must loudly say “foul” immediately after it occurs. It is important to remember that not all players in summer league know when a foul has occurred, therefore allowing players some additional time to call a foul is encouraged after contact has occurred.

When a foul is called play stops on the completion of the play, either a completion or incompletion. If the pass is completed AND the foul was committed by the defensive team the player who called the foul should loudly say “play on”. Similarly if the pass is incomplete AND the foul was committed by the offensive team the player who called the foul should loudly say “play on”. If any other situation occurs play stops.

The player who the foul was called against has the opportunity to contest the call by saying “contest”. Contesting the call occurs when the player the foul was called on does not feel like a foul has occurred. More detail about the specifics of what happens next will be covered in the following weeks due to the level of complexity of the possible outcomes.

Once the outcome and stall count has been determined player reset to their approximate locations at the time of the foul. Play then restarts with a check of the disc (defensive player taping the disc into play).

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