Muh Bridges!

on-timeBy now you probably have heard the #WestmorlandBridge tweets and shrieks from across Fredericton’s social media circles about how the Westmorland St. Bridge construction is the first sign of the apocalypse (to put it lightly).

How about we all take a deep breath and put a fun and healthy spin on this?

For instance this could be your chance to get a little more active and also explore parts of Fredericton you never knew existed!

Did you know that it takes under 10 minutes to bike from Barker’s Point Elementary to City Hall using our trail system?

Some quick tips and ideas:

  1. Carpool with co-workers to your office or a Park & Go location
  2. Start a bike gang! Rent or share a bike from Capital City Cycles, park it at Savage’s or another designated City Rack or load it onto a City bus to finish your commute!
  3. Embrace Active Transportation by traveling on Fredericton’s award winning Trail System. Not only will you be exercising, but you’ll be gaining appreciation for our beautiful City as well!
  4. Let the traffic pass while you stay downtown a little longer to enjoy some shopping, dining and free or close-to-free events.

It had to be done. So let’s breathe and move on!

Crumbling bridge

Helpful “Official” Links:

Other Local Links:

Just remember. It can always be worse!

It could be worse!

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