Summer Ultimate Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who played and made this Summer of Ultimate so special! We also wish to send a BIG THANK-YOU to our awesome sponsors for their assistance in making league all that it is.

Below are the standings, award winners and photos from both leagues. Final standings here and Canadian standings here.

2014 Tuesday Summer Ultimate

Champions: Frisbonacci Sequence (MVP: Alex Ready, MIP: Mallory MacWilliams)
2nd: Safety Squad (MVP: Julie Baglole, MIP: Monica Boudreault)
3rd: IRP (MVP: Ali Gallant, MIP: Brent Sharpe)
4th: Huck Buddies (Spirit Award) (MVP: Claire May, MIP: Julia Hansen)
5th: Huck University (MVP: Flora Hay, MIP: Debbie LeBreton)
6th: Game of Throws (MVP: Justine Spits, MIP: Adam Melanson)
7th: Clusterhuck (MVP: Luc Doucette, MIP: Laura Maynard)
8th: Thor’s Hammers (MVP: Kat Turner, MIP: Stephanie MacLellan)

Tier 2 Winners: Totally Wicked at Throwing (MVP: Emma Harris, MIP: Alyssa Irion)
10th: Young Hucks (MVP: Sarah Blackmore, MIP: Kyle Brideau)
11th: Disc-truction Crew (MVP: Greg McCallum, MIP: Megan Plummer)
12th: Wide Spread Panic (MVP: Simon Pearn, MIP: Chris Morrison)
13th: Tpurple Pterodactyls (MVP: Adam Forsythe, MIP: Ninoshka Rodrigues)
14th: Jesse & the Rippers (MVP: Phil Godin, MIP: Sonia Wilson)
15th: Flicking my Disc (MVP: Jill Sellick/Amanda Cheverie, MIP: Eric Foucault)
16th: Whiskey Disc (MVP: Wesley Tibbet, MIP: Jessica McMillan, Captain of the Year: Sean Davis)

Tier 3 Winners: Ultimate Warriors (MVP: Mickie Dawson, MIP: Dave MacMullin)
18th: Floppy Discs (Green Team) (MVP: Deb Campbell, MIP: Kate Moss)
19th: What the Huck! (MVPs: The girls, MIP: Kenny Drake)
20th: The Mighty Chucks (MVP: Joe Nason, MIP: Laura Read)

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2014-summer-wednesday-cropWednesday Champions: EVERYONE!
Best Male Lead In A Wednesday League: Jon
Best Female Lead In A Wednesday League: Deb
Best Supporting Role In A 5on5 League: Josh & Stephane

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