2014 Ho Ho Ho Down Wrap-Up

Thanks to EVERYONE for partying and playing hard all weekend at this year’s Ho Ho Ho Down All-Level Ultimate Tournament! Together we raised $1000 for Hailey’s Dreams!

Below are the final standings, spirit champs and each team’s most spirited player (nominated by their opponents). Full results HERE.

<a href="https://i2 .wp.com/activefredericton.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG_20141214_134641.jpg” target=”_blank”>Nice Division Champions & Spirit Winners.

Nice Division Champions & Spirit Winners.

1) Huck Buddies (Tie for Spirit Award): Most Spirited Player (MSP) – Derek
2) JC & The Superstars: MSPs – Sarah & Noah
3) Santa’s Helpers (Tie for Spirit Award): MSP – Jen
4) The North Pole Dancers: MSP – Tyler

Naughty Divisions Champions

Naughty Divisions Champions

1) Receiver Error: MSP – Cyra
2) Elm City Flatballers (Sat. Spirit Award + Overall Spirit): MSP -Darren
3) The Naughty List: MSP – Santana
4) Honey Badgers: MSP – Pierre
5) Meat Parade: MSP – Qwannn
6) Rockslide: MSP – Erin
7) Havoc: MSP – Jordan
8) Manger Danger: MSP – Rachel

MVPs of the finals were Samantha (Receiver Error) and Felix (Elm City)

The winners of the hotly contested sweater contest was the turtle-necked tag-team of Sara and Samantha (#MissDecember #WinAllTheThings)

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