Our Policies

Cancellation of Registration:
Cancel at least 5 working days before the league or tournament begins and your registration fee is refundable, minus a $5 registration service charge and tournament deposit (if applicable). After that time cancellations are subject to forfeiting the entire registration fee which may be partially applied towards any future Active Fredericton event once related expenses are deducted from your registration fee. Please note that if you do not cancel and do not attend you are still responsible for the full payment.

Delayed or Late Fees
League and annual fees are due upon registration. All overdue fees will be subject to a 10% per month (per registration) late charge. If your balance is not settled up by playoffs you will be asked to sit out or risk having your team disqualified.

Repeated infractions may be cause for further action at our discretion.

Pick-Up Players:
Each pick-up player must sign an Active Fredericton waiver (or create an account and complete an electronic waiver) and pay a nightly pick-up fee of $5 per night. Each item can be paid for in person to the coordinator BEFORE the start of your games.

Pick-ups during playoffs must be approved by your opposing captain(s) prior to the start of your game. The onus is on both of the captains to both disclose and ask one another about any pick-ups playing in that game.

Lightning & Extreme Weather:
In case of extreme weather, outdoor games may be cancelled on location through captains’ agreement. Safety should always come first. Active Fredericton  considers visible lightning in the area to be extreme weather, resulting in the immediate suspension of play. For other conditions (i.e. wind, rain, hail, etc.), captains should use their best judgment, with safety being the priority. A game that has been suspended due to lightning or adverse weather may only be resumed by captains’ agreement if the conditions have passed. In the event of lightning or other adverse weather, we encourage teams to take safe shelter for a reasonable period (at least 20 minutes) to see if the conditions pass and the game may be resumed. Again, this will be a decision to be agreed between the captains.

If you are caught in the open by a sudden storm, get to safe shelter as quickly as possible. Do not remain in open, exposed areas. Remember that lightning is attracted to conductive material like metal, and to tall objects like trees, poles, etc. Stay well clear of such items. If you are unable to reach shelter, then assuming the ‘lightning safety position’ is the best alternative. Squat to lower your profile and touch your heels together, in order to direct any charge away from vital organs to your legs. Cover your ears to avoid damage from thunder. Never lie on the ground, as lightning can travel along wet ground and, by lying down, you have exposed your heart to the possibility of close contact with a ground-traveling strike. If your body hair stands up, a lightning strike may be imminent–immediately assume the safety position or get to cover.

Use the “When thunder roars, go indoors!” method to determine when and if you need to send people to shelter.

If you can hear thunder, you can get hit by lightning. As soon as you hear thunder, quickly get to a safe location. More people are struck before and after a thunderstorm than during one. Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.

Please note the following recommendations from Environment Canada:

  • To plan for a safe day, check the weather forecast first. If thunderstorms are forecast, avoid being outdoors at that time or make an alternate plan. Identify safe places and determine how long it will take you to reach them.
  • Watch the skies for developing thunderstorms and listen for thunder. As soon as you hear thunder, quickly get to a safe location. If you can hear thunder, you are in danger of being hit by lightning. More people are struck before and after a thunderstorm than during one.
  • Get to a safe place. A safe location is a fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing. Sheds, picnic shelters, tents or covered porches do NOT protect you from lightning. If no sturdy building is close by, get into a metal-roofed vehicle and close all the windows.
  • Do not handle electrical equipment, telephones or plumbing. These are all electrical conductors. Using a computer or wired video game system, taking a bath or touching a metal window frame all put you at risk of being struck by lightning. Use battery-operated appliances only.
  • If caught outdoors far from shelter, stay away from tall objects. This includes trees, poles, wires and fences. Take shelter in a low-lying area but be on the alert for possible flooding.

Know where the closest “safe structure or location” is to the field or playing area and know how long it takes to get to that safe structure or location. Safe structure or location is defined as:

  • Any building normally occupied or frequently used by people, i.e., a building with plumbing and /or electrical wiring that acts to electrically ground the structure. Avoid using shower facilities for safe shelter and do not use the showers or plumbing facilities during a thunderstorm.

In the absence of a sturdy, frequently inhabited building, any vehicle with a hard metal roof (not a convertible or golf cart) and rolled-up windows can provide a measure of safety. A vehicle is certainly better than remaining outdoors. It is not the rubber tires that make a vehicle a safe shelter, but the hard metal roof which dissipates the lightning strike around the vehicle. Do not touch the sides of any vehicle!

If no safe structure or location is within a reasonable distance, find a thick grove of small trees surrounded by taller trees or a dry ditch. Assume a crouched position on the ground with only the balls of the feet touching the ground, wrap your arms around your knees and lower your head. Minimize contact with the ground because lightning current often enters a victim through the ground rather than by a direct overhead strike. Minimize your body’s surface area and the ground! Do not lie flat! If unable to reach safe shelter, stay away from the tallest trees or objects such as light poles or flag poles), metal objects (such as fences or bleachers), individual trees, standing pools of water, and open fields. Avoid being the highest object in a field. Do not take shelter under a single, tall tree.

Avoid using the telephone, except in emergency situations. People have been struck by lightning while using a land-line telephone. A cellular phone or a portable remote phone is a safe alternative to land-line phones, if the person and the antenna are located within a safe structure or location, and if all other precautions are followed.

When considering resumption of any athletics activity, wait at least thirty (30) minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field.

Games may be cancelled in advance by agreement between the captains. However, we encourage teams not to use this option lightly. The best way to determine the weather conditions is to show up at the field at game time.

In the event of adverse weather interrupting a game, the game is considered completed if half of the official time has been played. The appropriate scores should then be entered on the Active Fredericton site. If a game is called prior to half of official time being played, the game is a nullity.

Weather Cancellation Protocol
Please take note of how events are cancelled when weather is a factor.

Upon notification from facility or recreation staff Active Fredericton will:

  • email the all-player league mailing-list just for the affected event(s),
  • email all affected team captains for that day,
  • notify local radio stations for hopefully on-air PSAs and social media updates,
  • email local news papers (in hopes of social media updates),
  • post to our social media accounts,
  • share AF Facebook update within affected sport’s Facebook group (visit them here)

Many players have emails turned off under their account preferences. Please encourage your players to update this! How you might ask?

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Discipline Policy
We take Spirit of the Game seriously and expect everyone playing in any of our leagues to do the same. It is our responsibility to not only make sure all players are having fun, but also that we provide a safe environment for everyone involved. READ FULL POLICY HERE