I Need Help!

If you experience any issues, please contact us at any time!


Create A New Account:
1) Visit http://Play.ActiveFredericton.com
2) Click “Sign In” in the top right hand corner,
3) Enter your preferred email address, select “I’m New** and enter a password
4) Check your email for a confirmation link
** If you have an existing account choose “My password is” or “I forgot my password” to initiate a password reset.

To Register A Team…


1) After logging in with your above account, navigate to the event you wish to register for.
2) Click “Register” on the left (desktop) or in the blue bar (mobile),
3) Select “Register A Team” and then “Start Registering
4) Type in the name of your team. Check your spelling (this will show on our schedule and any print materials we might make)
5A) Enter the email addresses of your players (one at a time).  If they are already in our system simply select them from the list that automatically appears, but if the DO NOT appear to have an account be sure you click “Add new player“. They will receive notification to sign-in, set a password, and complete their personal registration and be automatically added to your team.
5B) It is very important you have all your of team members rostered through our online system. If your players do not finish their online registration, they will not be cleared to participate.
6) Enter your personal information (it is registering YOU at the same time as creating your team) and click Next,
7) Agree to YOUR player waiver. Click Next,
8) Pay YOUR TEAM’S FEE (or deposit if a payment play has been setup) hrough one of the options provided
*** Depending on the setup of team fees in this event (and how many players are included in it) you may be prompted to pay additional player fees for having more players than the minimum number required to register a team.

After your captain has completed the above steps…
1) Check your inbox for an email confirming your addition to a roster,
2) Follow the instructions for completing your registration AND setting up your player profile (if you are a first time member of Active Fredericton)
3) Depending on the team fee setup for this event, and how many players are included, you may be prompted to pay the additional player fee for being an player over and above the minimum number required for your team,

Lastly, thank Janelle for getting this updated… 😛